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Ecommerce Success Strategies

Mar 24, 2022

Dennis van der Heijden is the Founder, CEO, and Head of Happiness at, a personalization and behavioral targeting tool for Ecommerce brands. He is the Founder and Concierge of Nexopia Workspace, a comfortable, professional, and friendly coworking space located in Xàbia, Spain. Before founding, Dennis was an Advisor at Playa del Carmen, a Mentor at Orion Startups, and he held several consulting and sales roles.

In this episode…

How can you optimize your consumer experience to increase business revenue? What steps can you take to reach the next frontier in digital marketing? 

Dennis van der Heijden knows the efficacy of positioning your website to perform better and the importance of regularly testing your brand’s advertisement effectiveness based on consumer responses. Instead of staying stagnant and unsuccessful, Dennis proposes examining your errors and speed and rethinking what is relevant on your website to present the best user experience possible. 

Listen to this episode of ​​Ecommerce Success Strategies as Scott Reid talks with Dennis van der Heijden, Founder, CEO, and Head of Happiness at, about the advantages of usability and keyword customizations. Dennis discusses how to target your audience through effective geo-targeting codes, establishing an Ecommerce revenue tracking system, and the importance of mature testing strategies. Stay tuned!